Fontanot is a leading italian company with more than 40 years of experience in the industry of staircase products.
In the 1970's Fontanot starts a journey with the mission of transforming the staircase by combining aesthetics and design with functionality.
In the subsequent decade the company becomes famous worldwide for the creation of an industrial building process of stairs.
Going beyond the concept of the staircase seen as unique and indivisible, Fontanot produces easy to assemble stairs designed for those who want to customize their homes in complete freedom.
Through the years the company conceives and creates new staircases collections, including the highly successful and praised Arkè, Pixima, Magia and Genius product lines.
We have interviewed Mark Chapman, UK and Ireland sales manager for Fontanot since 2002. Mr. Chapman gives us an overview of the DIY staircase market in the UK and worldwide with a particular focus on Fontanot's strategies.

Can you tell me something about yourself from a professional point of view, how long have you been working in this industry?
I have been employed by Fontanot since July 2002, and I have worked as the UK and Ireland Sales Manager since then.

Have you noticed something during the economic crisis that have changed the customer behaviour?
Customers are more reluctant to spend money and are always looking to bring down the price. Enquiries have slowed down due to the crisis.

How would you describe Fontanot's position on the UK market?
I would describe Fontanot as the world leader in DIY stairs. This also applies to the UK market. The service offered by Fontanot cannot be matched by other DIY staircase manufacturers.

Any news coming up for the next six months that you would like to push?
Within the UK, Fontanot UK will aim to target sales in the London area on the back of the response of Grand Designs Live held in May. In my role as Sales Manager I am also talking to major DIY groups at the moment, such as B&Q, Screwfix and Selco. To start business with these Groups could see a huge increase in UK sales.

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