The decision to make that special purchase – whether it’s for our home, our office, or ourselves, is often made for aesthetic reasons alone. And, while leather and animal hide products or furniture can be undeniably beautiful, there are many other reasons than how it looks to opt for this natural material.

While other fabrics and materials may stain or tear, animal hide stands the test of time. Even if your little one puts sticky fingerprints on your Chesterfield sofa or you accidentally spill coffee on your leather desk diary, you should simply be able to wipe clean with a damp cloth.

Timeless style
Trends may come and go, but leather and animal hide never go out of fashion. The leather Barcelona chair designed 70 years ago looks just as good today. The cowhide rug you bought for your student pad looks equally at home in your family home. And, the leather briefcase your dad carried to work every day looks just as stylish now that it has passed on to you. Hide products truly are investment pieces which transcend seasons.

Easy care
Other materials may require endless washing and dry cleaning, or even become so stained as to render them unusable. But despite its high end looks, leather is actually very easy to care for. If you have a leather sofa or bedstead, for example, you can simple vacuum it before using a damp cloth to wipe it down.

Whereas once leather and hide products may have been produced only in neutral colours and traditional styles, now the possibilities of colour and finish are endless. You could choose to mix the classic style of a Chesterfield sofa with a contemporary colour such as cobalt blue or rich plum. Or, you could choose to use leather or hide in the most unexpected of places – perhaps in floor tiles, or to cover a feature wall.

Natural elegance
Because leather and hide are natural materials, they retain a beauty imbued by Mother Nature, with every piece being completely unique because of its varying natural grain. And it is this naturalness which provides some of leather and hide’s many benefits. It is flexible, breathable and supple, allowing it to naturally repel moisture, retain its shape and resist any damage caused by heat or sun.

Acoustics and warmth
As well as exuding an air of welcoming warmth, leather and hide really do have insulating properties which can actually make a room warmer. They also provide acoustical value, as they absorb sound easily. That’s why they make great choices of material for the home, perhaps as an over-sized feature headboard for the bedroom or stunning floor tiles for the living room or office.

The wow factor
While leather and hide actually offer great value when you consider products and interiors which use these materials are so long lasting, they give a room, a piece of furniture or a product a feeling of richness and opulence. Choosing just one key hide piece can give an area a focal point, providing an impressive, professional finish.
Beautiful and practical, leather and hide are naturally stylish and durable, making them the ideal choice for a myriad of product and interior uses.
Bill began learning his artisan skills in Australia 30 years ago before opening his studio back in the 90’s.  The studio creates bespoke products and interiors for individuals and companies across the world.  Bill can be found in his London studio at Bill Amberg Studio.