If there is one good investment you can make for a home in terms of furniture, a good bed is definitely in the top three.

One of our favourite bed companies is Coco-Mat, who make natural matresses, pillows and duvets from a range of interesting, green materials. Far from being just a gimmick or a compromise between environmental and comfortable, Coco-Mat create beautiful, luxury products that are comfortable, available for a range of needs and tastes and on top of it all, environmentally friendly.

Having tried the medium and the firm-to-medium matresses in Milan, I have to say the Nefeli and Atlas bases have the perfect mix of rough and rubbery materials to create absolute comfort. The mattresses are composed of a variety of materials, including rubberised horse hair, cactus fibres, coco-fibre and natural rubber. The mattress covers, made from cotton, are entirely removable so that they can be easily washed.

Although Coco-Mat also produce furniture to match their beds and mattresses, as well as lovely bath accessories and home furnishings, we are always so enchanted by their beds and mattresses that it's all we can take in! Lovely to have a little rest after a hard days walking around in Milan at the fair, too. ;)

From their website:

Established in 1989, COCO-MAT today is a recognized leader for natural sleep products (mattresses, bed-mattresses, pillows, duvets), bed linen, towels and furniture for homes and hotels. We have a growing network of stores in now 12 countries and are proud to supply customers anywhere in the world.
We are committed to manufacturing the best beds in the world in the most sustainable way possible. COCO-MAT beds consist of multiple layers of natural materials, providing optimal, elastic support to the human body, without the use of metal springs.
All our products are made from natural materials from renewable sources, such as coco fibre, natural rubber, wool, cotton, sea grass, horsehair, silk, linen, wood and goose down.