Composit is an Italian kitchen company which represents different kitchen designers. Kitchen styles vary from modern to classic. The model we liked was called Touch and it had a clever storage space behind the splash back, which could be either open or closed. I also liked their hidden handle system, which requires a little push into the hidden rectangular, which moves 45 degrees and provides some space for your fingers to slide in and open the door of the cabinet. 
Composit kitchens also got classical kitchen collection and funky colourful modern. One of collections got the choice of all rainbow colours and even more :) Looks like here is a lot more to explore.

From their website:
Composit is an Italian Kitchen manufacturer and has been established since 1974 by Belligotti brothers, who at this time had already set up a production of furnishings for houses with Belligotti trademark. Nowadays Belligotti Group works with two trademarks:  13.000 square meters kitchen production and 6.000 square meters for furnishing production. Composit trademark is distributed throughout national and international markets.

Storage behind the black splash

Hidden handles

Hidden handles in open position