Cimento is a composite material; a concrete mixture which can be applied to panels or sheets of a range of materials, from MDF to steel. It provides a strong, sustainable material enjoying all the benefits of concrete but without the drawbacks; possessing its unique appearance but without the high costs of labor involved in a wet installation. It's quick to produce and install, in both domestic and commercial environments, inside and outside.
It's available in huge range of colours, as well as multiple choices of textures and finishes. Moreover, you can find flexible curved sheet that can be used in many ways depending on project.

Different treatments available for the concrete surface make it adaptable to all environmental conditions. Houses can be cladded externally in panels, saving time and money compared to conventional materials. And there's a range of colours to suit all designs.

Commercial uses are endless. Apart from wall coverings the possibilities include: concealing insulation, as soundproofing materials or ducts in walls, part of display stands or in combination with lighting systems.

Cimento furniture for the extra 'wow' factor in the home or office? Why not! Beautifully combined with solid timbers, the pieces shout quality and longevity.