Contemporary interior design always surprise me in a good way. The variety of inspiration, different materials or unusual atmosphe. Lets have a look on 4 award winning interior design projects, made in 2015.

1. Tuve By Design Systems
A sequence of spatial surprises have been created to excite the guests as they discover the hotel. The entire design can be described as a journey of unfoldment of both of physical and psychological senses. Rather that using the most exotic materials , designer furniture and systems, Design Systems drew on enhanced common materials, such as concrete, galvanised mild steel, brass, oak and wired glass.

2. Windhover Contemplative Center by Aidlin Darling Design
The Contemplative Center is intended for quiet reflection throughout the day for any Stanford student or staff member, as well as members of the larger community. The Center is conceived of as unification of art, lanscape and architecture

3. Fold 7 by Paul Crofts Studio
Work on a project included complete reconfiguration of the space and creating a new entrance and reception area, as well as designing bespoke elements including a bar, seating booths, and shelving. The aim for the interior was to create a work-focused yet relaxed and welcoming atmosphere.

4. Exploded Cinema by One Plus Partnership
When entering Exploded Cinema, audiences' eyes meet with the various shaped 3D boxes. The dramatic black and white perimeter conveys a futuristic and solitary feeling reminiscent of watching a disaster movie. The designers visualise scenes from movies, creating vivid interiors that welcome the audiences as if they have walked into a real disaster- movie seating.