Another great discovery from Milan Design Week. When we visited Agape showroom in Berea district we couldn't stop looking at decorative wall in one bathroom set. We learnt it was handmade clay surface installed by Gonzaga based company - Matteo Brioni. We really like the idea to mould different patterns on the wall, something different from popular nowadays patterned tiles.

TerraEvoca is the new project of decorative interior finishes created by Matteo Brioni.
A concept full of emotions that generates tactile surfaces where the light, thanks to the decoration, get into a symbiosis with the matter.
TerraEvoca finds its uniqueness in high-relief technique, handmade by Matteo Brioni’s master craftsmen: an artistic customize decoration that makes each application exclusive and unrepeatable.
The decoration can be installed and set up directly on the wall or provided on a boiserie system designed by the architect Diego Perusko.

We love different wall finishes that they offer.

We are looking forward to work with their products soon. Who knows?