One of the top concerns of most homeowners who want to invest in a kitchen remodel is how much they are likely to spend. Small kitchen renovations can cost up to $10,000 whereas bigger projects can be more than $30,000. It all depends on your choice of contractor, materials and even the season. We’ll advice you to decide on how much you want to spend overall and then know what percentage will go on each aspect of the remodel. We will highlight this in the paragraphs below. Let’s look at a few factors that can affect the cost of kitchen renovation Mississauga.

The cost of design and installing any materials such as cabinets, floors or even faucets can be really high. Designing and installation alone can take up 20% of your remodeling budget. If you want to cut back on installation costs, consider doing a lot of research prior to hiring a contractor. Get quotes from different kitchen remodelers and compare them to get the best deal. Make sure you focus on quality workmanship because work that is cheaply done may cost you a lot more money in the long run.

Cabinetry And Hardware
You are likely to spend 30% of your overall remodeling cost on cabinets and hardware. Kitchen cabinets can be pricey so you may want to skip on this and consider repairing your existing cabinets in order to cut back on costs. Repainting old cabinets or replacing the existing hardware can make a big difference. You may also consider changing the cabinet doors if they have been extensively damaged or require an uplift to match with the rest of the space.

Kitchen countertops can cost you 10% of your total remodeling budget. It all depends on the type of countertops you choose. If you go for the costlier options such as marble and granite, expect to spend top dollar. You can choose high quality laminate countertops and still enjoy the versatility and uniqueness that comes with this cost-effective alternative. Just make sure you know the pros and cons of all these material options before you decide.

Changing your lighting can completely transform the kitchen space. If you are looking to invest in proper lighting, expect to spend 5% of your total remodeling budget on lighting and fixtures. High quality fixtures will cost you but they can be cost effective in the long run because they will help you to conserve energy.

Installing new flooring may seem like a costly affair but it doesn’t have to be. Flooring can cost you up to 7% of your total remodeling budget. It depends on the type of floor you choose. You may want to consider the material used to design your cabinets when choosing flooring. Make sure the cabinets and kitchen floor blend well. If you replace the cabinets entirely, you should consider investing in new flooring too.

Plumbing And Kitchen Faucets
Kitchen remodels can require lots of plumbing work. This is especially the case if you are looking into projects such as adding an extra sink or changing the faucets. While this may seem to be a costly affair, don’t spend more than 4% of your remodeling budget on faucets and plumbing.


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