Living room shelves should be both practical and beautiful design features. 

To decorate your shelf play with sizes, shapes, textures and colours. It looks aesthetically more pleasing when there is a well balanced variety of decorative objects.

A decoratively layered shelf starts at the back with a frame, plate or other shallow item and continues with smaller objects in front to create depth.

It is also important to allocate space for books. Arrangement of books will need to be thought through, as it will make it easier to find a specific book, as well as make it for attractive from a design point of view. Try to arrange books by colour or size.

A shelf of photos and pictures can look like a decorative feature and is a great way to be flexible with your artwork. You can always move things around and update you space with new prints, photos and artwork, depending on the season, mood or trend.

Style the artwork by choosing a mixture of sizes, and overlap the frames to give an informal and spontaneous feel to the display.