1.     When it comes to designing a house, we like to do it in a simple and modern way. However, we always try to add warmth and cosiness to the space by fitting wooden flooring and choosing warm colour scheme.

2.      We always try to maximise amount of daylight entering the space. If windows size cannot be changed, the great way to bring more light into the room is to use lightweight, sometimes a bit see-through, curtains. This soft breezy Mediterranean look makes the space feel more bright and airy.


3.      Both for window dressing and other soft furnishings we like to use soft, light and high-quality fabrics. Our favourite choices of fabrics would be natural looking materials, such as linen, cotton, stonewashed cotton and cashmere. Those fabrics not only look beautiful, but also feel extremely soft and cosy.

4.      Lighting design plays a big role in the overall house renovation. We study the space very carefully and come up with some clever lighting solutions to benefit each room. We use different electrical circuits to separate lighting and create various layers for a more dramatic look. This would include: general lighting as downlights, highlighting specific areas within the room; task lighting, usually a pendant light over the dining table or a reading light next to the bed and atmospheric lighting, that could be an LED lighting strip within a joinery piece, niches in the bathroom, LED strips behind the bathtub and decorative standalone lamps in the living room and bedrooms. All lighting would be on dimmers for a full control to choose between strong and soft lighting schemes.

5.      When we work on the colour scheme for the project we use a layer system as well. The base layer would be quite neutral and will include all the fitted elements of the interior, such as flooring, wall paints, kitchen cabinets, bathroom finishes and joinery. We would include all the movable and easy replaceable pieces, such as furniture, window dressing and decorative pieces into the second layer, that could be more bright and colourful. This way the shell of the interior is quite neutral and you will never get tired of it, when all the decorative pieces could be changed and upgraded depending on the current season, trends and mood of the house occupier. 

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