Who doesn’t enjoy a long mirror that you can contemplate your beauty in? Most people have a long and nice mirror in their bedroom, but Feng Shui experts recommend that the mirror should be placed in some place where you can’t see any part of your body when you lie down in bed. In case there is not enough room to replace the mirror, you can simply cover it up with a nice looking fabric whenever you are going to bed or having an intimate moment. According to Feng Shui, an uncovered mirror might cause restless nights or fights between couples.

It might be tempting to feel the urge to place a sophisticated inside fountain in your bedroom, or even a mini aquarium to stare at before you fall asleep. Water is a symbol of money and wealth in other parts of the house, but in the bedroom it might cause physical disturbance and negative energy between couples and might also affect the amount of money you receive.

Bed placement 
Where you place your bed is important because the average person spends almost third of his life sleeping. As the Dalai Lama once said “sleep is the best meditation.” The direction you choose to sleep in should be carefully chosen, because it affects almost all aspects of life, like relationships, wealth and good health. If your bed is on one of your four good directions and your feet are pointing to the door, keep the door closed to avoid any disturbance during your sleep time.

We are all aware that computers, stereos and television should never be placed in a bedroom. Yet, still many people can’t let go of their televisions, or laptops. While it is recommended to dismiss any electronic device, some people just can’t. In that case, just like we previously mentioned covering up the mirror; you can use a nice fabric or even a bed sheet to cover them up before you hit the bed. These electronics transmit electromagnetic fields that have a negative effect on the central nervous system.

No spirituality or affection
Spiritual deities are sacred and your bedroom needs to be only yours and needs to have a quiet and calming atmosphere. Your bedroom is where you are most intimate and spirituality doesn’t belong where intimate acts do. Family pictures should outside of your bedroom; it is never a good idea to be in an intimate moment with picture of your parents above you or next to you. Make space in another room for such things.

Above bed: No Skylights
The human body is on a nonstop renewal process during sleep time, it is scientifically proven that from 10 pm to 2 am, the human body is in a continuous state of repair. Whenever you have a skylight above your bed, you are blocking the full strength of the repairing state. This can vastly affect the liver cleansing and the regenerating process of the body. According to Feng shui, this position can make your energy flow upwards and have negative effects on your sex drive. If the skylight is right above the bed, consider moving it, if not then it is a good idea to keep it covered.

Colors and wallpapers
Your bedroom should never have bold colors, or colors that are too bright. Those colors are tiring and might affect the central nervous system. Many people like to go for wallpapers instead of paint. Try to avoid wallpapers that have too many patterns or too many colors. Go for pale and calm papers or paint.

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