The design of a workplace can have a huge impact upon company performance, which is why businesses invest so heavily in office interior design. Yet, a joint study from Steelcase and Ipsos found that nine out of ten UK office worker are unhappy with their workplace.

In truth, the design of your office can affect everything from how likely a visitor is to do business with you, to how often your staff are absent with back pain, so it is essential that you get it right. In this article, we take a look at some of the details that can take your design to the next level.

Effective Branding
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One of the ways a good office interior design can become a truly great one is through effective office branding. However, great branding is about more than plastering your company logo all over the workplace. Instead, focus on key touchpoints and subtly remind staff of your company values and their purpose.

"There is always a simple and effective way to 'claim' that space without additional time and money," said Jacqueline Barr from Ted Moudis Associates, in an interview with Office Snapshots. "It could be something as simple as a wall tastefully painted with the corporate colour."

If you have one, it is important to pay particular attention to the reception area, as this will be the first point of contact for any visitors. Clients and customers form their first impressions in mere seconds, so make sure your reception area delivers the right message and works hard in terms of brand perception.

Health and Happiness
Another way to significantly improve your office design is to focus on health and happiness. The average UK business loses £4,800 a week due to absenteeism, according to the Office for National Statistics. Meanwhile, the Centre for Mental Health estimate that poor mental health costs the UK economy more than £15 billion a year.

The influence of an office design on the well-being of staff cannot be overstated, and looking after employees properly can positively affect your company's bottom line by reducing absences, lowering turnover rates and increasing the productivity of individual staff members.

Get Britain Standing advocate sit-stand desks, which have been shown to reduce problems associated with sedentary lifestyles, while Human Spaces found that plants can improve mood. At the more extravagant end of the scale, companies like Uber and Google have installed sleeping pods, allowing workers to take power naps.

Showcase Your Product
Finally, a small detail which is overlooked by many companies, but which can really make a difference, is to prominently showcase your products or services in the workplace. Doing so can help to keep your workforce task-orientated, but can also make a positive impression on visitors.

Some of the best office designers around have found ways to creatively work products into their designs. For instance, the walls of Adobe's offices are decorated with artwork created using their software, while John West have made their food testing kitchen a major hub.

You should take care to avoid creating a cluttered appearance and only showcase your products or services if you can do so without jeopardising the day-to-day function of your office. However, when done right, making your product a centrepiece can truly take your design to the next level.

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