A book worm's corner

Love books? Here are some ideas on how to create a perfect reading nook in your house.

Improving your bedtime

At least 8 hours per night are required for your body and mind to rest, so at least a third of your life you are spending it in your bedroom. That means that you should invest in material and quality to improve your room. There…

Light green kitchens

Tired of plain white kitchens? How about doing something a little different?  Pale mint is your new grey, it is neutral, fresh, soft, crisp and quite relaxing at the same time.

Baby room

Baby rooms do not have to be decorated according to your baby's gender, blue for boys or pink for girls. Choose a theme for your baby's room, create a warm and cosy palette and play with different textures. We have sele…

Who said retro is dead

Retro is a style that has offered great inspiration to modern designers. It is a classic style that adapts over the years to the new streams, without losing its elegance. We have collected some examples for you and we hope that…