Lots of spare rooms can be created into a wonderful guest bedroom, so not only is it functional, but you can also be creative to get your desired look. Many spare rooms are not utilised properly, so what about creating a welcoming space for your guests? A well designed room will make your friends and family feel, relaxed and comfortable, even if they are far away from home. If you want to be the perfect host then why not show them their own, beautifully decorated room?

Either fitted or free standing, wardrobes are a great idea to put in your guest bedroom, helping you store spare clothes, blankets, bedding, towels, etc., but also you can leave space for guests to use when they stay over. There is an array of wardrobes in different sizes, materials, colours, and internal storage combinations, with bespoke fitted wardrobes maximizing your storage requirements.

When it comes to different guest bed ideas there are lots to choose from. So make sure you have a welcoming room for guests this Easter. Bedstar offer a range of ‘single bed extension’ beds, which provide a great way of accommodating your multiple or single guests. They come in different styles, to suit your d├ęcor, and comfort needs for your visitors. A pull out section, which is neatly stored under the original frame, have sprung loaded legs and is made up to the same height as the original bed, so they can made up separately or into a twin sleeping area.

Creative shelving can create a completely different look to your guest bedroom, but is also functional for storage. You can construct these yourself and are available in lots of different formats to maximise your storage requirements. The choice of shelving is endless, from free standing units, to simple DIY shelves, to bespoke shelving. Whatever your requirements there is every different type of shelving, from traditional, modern, and the completely unique.

Why not add some colour, or throw in some pattern, or give it a more relaxing feel by adding a chair to your guestroom? Occasional chairs are good at brightening up a room, whether it is functional or to brighten up an empty corner, there are lots to choose from. Traditional fabric benches can be placed at the end of the bed, or under the window to create a sophisticated look in your guest bedroom, being functional as well as stylish.