During BIID (British Institute of Interior Designers) CPD Showcase we saw a presentation of Argenta Invisible doors and were quite impressed, so wanted to share what we learned with you.

The Invisible door concept corresponds to the current trend of sleek and minimal design. The system allows closed doors and walls to be one whole, as all visible frames and hinges disappear. Special hinges are mounted inside the wall and not visible from both sides when the door is closed. Argent offers frameless solution for hinged, sliding and pivoting doors.

They also provide an invisible skirting boards, that go well with the doors highlighting purity of minimalistic design. Door frames have been gone for some time now. Hinges and architraves are no longer visible. Skirting boards remained the only obstacle to a perfectly flat wall. Invisible skirting boards from Argenta come in 2 models: a thin adhesive boards and a recessed board.

Their hinges also come in a lot of different finishes and look very sleek and well designed. So even when their are visible, they are nice to look at :).