So how to add some sophistication with brass into the kitchen?

1. Upgrading doors and back panels
If you like bold looks, you can change your kitchen doors or kitchen island back panels into the brass finish. This will make the kitchen to stand out for sure. If your kitchen has both base and wall cabinets it is better to upgrade only one or another, leaving others plain, otherwise it might be a bit too much. Brass is a wonderful finish, but it is important to feel the balance.

2. Splash some brass on a Splash-back
One of easiest trick to upgrade the kitchen is to upgrade the splash-back. Brass splashback will definitely help to achieve this WOW effect.

3. If you do not want to make it too strong, little details in brass, such as a kitchen tap, a lighting pendant, tableware or trims there and here will add this slight touch of the desired effect.