Undoubtedly the home is the place where we can express ourselves and create without limitations!
Everyone wants to feel cozy at home. It takes only a little imagination to give your home a unique character at no extra cost! Just look around. You certainly keep in the closet a dozen old things you think are useless, but you have not yet get rifd of.
Before you do, here are some ideas on how to use them with a new purpose:

Suitcase Chair / Table

Old suitcases can serve not only for decoration but also to be converted into unique chairs, stools or tables! For this purpose, you only need to select and attach appropriate legs (you can use legs from other old furniture).
Trick for a stable chair: put a piece of plywood at the bottom of the suitcase, then attach the footrests and screw them. Apply glue in both sides of the suitcase and tuck in pillows. Now you have a comfortable and unique looking chair.

Ladder Bookshelf

The old wooden ladder can be your new bookshelf.
You choose how to place it on the wall - horizontally or vertically, depending on the space you want to fill or your preferences.

Bicycle Rim Clock

Do you have an old bicycle left over from your childhood?
Make a unique wall clock from one of its rims. You can also use a music plate for this purpose. All you have to do is taking a working mechanism from an old or broken electronic clock and insert it into the hole in the middle of the plate / rim and secure it on the other side with a nut. Then simply put the arrows. If they are black, you can paint them in another color to stand out.

Old Door Coffee table

The old wooden door frame can be turn into a great coffee table. Just add legs to it and you will have a gorgeous re-purposed coffee table. It will give your place a unique vintage look if you don't paint it. If you like the industrial style, you can add big wheels instead of furniture legs.

Cool hangers

Turn the beautiful old utensils into hangers. Bend them into the desired shape and attach them to the wall.

Tennis Racket Mirror

If you are a fan of tennis, use the old tennis racket and turn it into mirror for your hallway!

Tray from an old photo frame

Surprise your guests with originality by serving them in your new tray from an old picture frame.

Floating Shelf Made of Old Books

You can make wall shelves from old books using metal brackets to help secure them to the wall. Choose books with beautiful covers and colors that suit the interior of your home.
Using these innovative furniture solutions, you will not only create a unique interior in your home, but you will also breathe new life into the old stuff, most of which (admit it) you keep only because of sentimental reasons.

Author Bio

Dianne Griffen is a part of Junk Bunk Ltd – a rubbish removal company based in London which cares about the environment and supports the RRR (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) idea. You can find information about furniture disposal services on their website.


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