It is December!!! So now we can officially talk about Christmas! Today we have put a Christmas tree in the office and being big fans of Scandi we would like to share with you some tips and ideas on how to decorate your house for Christmas in a Scandinavian style.

Image : Amara

Scandinavian style is all about minimal and natural and whites. Imagine being in the snowy forest in Finland or Sweden. What do you see? Greens, whites, blues... Those are the main colours to work with. In general, everything that looks natural, like it was just taken from this imaginary forest of ours will work perfectly.

Creating heartwarming decorations out of white candles, forest greens, pine cones, cinnamon sticks will create a perfect Scandi Christmasy feel.

Using tree branches variously whether, for the wreaths, table or wall decor will bring your house closer to nature.

Image: OaxacaBorn

Christmas tree decorations could be in white, greys and blues tones.

Images: WhiteCompany

We have got our Christmas decorations from Amara Hideaway Collection, which is all about this Scandinavian Christmas feel. 

And we almost got those from Amara. Just see how lovely they are...

Might get some of those for my house or for some presents. Have you bought your Christmas decorations yet? If no, you know where you can start looking :)

Happy December!