A company we loved in Milan was Manifestos Trive, Italian company who produce lovely furniture products using natural materials such as linen, wood and leather. We especially loved the leather poufs with the zip detail (images below) - although they look slouchy, they were actually very structured to sit on and quite solid inside. We also loved the directors chair that folds away into its own carrier bag for easy storage/transport. We first thought that the seat looks so narrow that how can it be sat on but it was in fact very comfortable (and very innovative)!


From their website:

Manifesto it is a Tonuccidesigns cell born from the will of concretely and tangibly promote the culture of the project in respect of nature and man combining design and production process. The materials we use, mainly wood and leather, are uniquely treated with linen oil for wood or vegetable tannin for leather, which allow the material to maintain its beauty, exalt its natural characteristics and help to form that special patina and enchantment of the object. The products are sometimes reinterpretations of historical anonymous famous design projects or can be a new design.
All the production is made in Italy, Montefeltro, with the exception of the sculptural base of the table Africa that is a limited production.