We liked a lot of the furniture from small Chinese furniture designers 'Pinwu', who we saw at one of the evening events in Milan Centre. Two of the products we really liked were the paper chair and the 'Yi' lamp.


'Piao' Paper Chair

Materials:Beech Wood,Black Walnut,Rice Paper
Color:Original Color

Gluing layers of paper is the way how to make a traditional paper umbrella.Our Paper Seat is using same craft.The paper layers are combined until the chair is strong enough to sit on,but is still keeping its flexibility.Hand made paper is ruch of natural fibers that give strength to carry aperson and is therefore our chice for this comfortable chair.

'Yi' Lamp:
How to remember the last read page of a book after closing it? Just close the book around the main pillar. The book stands safe and reminds the page. The top part of the lamp is made of rice paper which is carried by a solid wooden support. The product contains a pure, innovative and functional design language.