A company that we met at Cersaie design fair in Bologna, Italy this year is Italian tile manufacturer, Mutina. We love their range of lightly textured tiles, usable both for walls and floors.

We're hoping to use the STAGE and TEX range (below) in our new project at Craven Hill Gardens.

Another range that we really like is the PICO (click here to see it), a dotted tile with almost a traditional waffle fabric feel to it.  We definitely want to use this in the near future!

From their website:

The best adventures, or at least the successful ones, are the result of circumstances: the end of a story is the beginning of another. So it was for Mutina, which, in 2006, embarked on a new path. Thirty years of history in the production of ceramics were swept by a wind of change that lead the company to choose a different course focusing on exclusive designs, a tailor-made production that combines technology with hand-crafted details, challenging experimentations that transcend the limits of the materials, and indispensable research for innovation to ensure a high quality product. This new course ties in with a new way of looking at the role of ceramics, which are not considered just floor or wall coverings anymore but have become an integral part of the interior design of a home: a concept shared by the designers working at Mutina and appealing to those who choose Mutina.

In all of our projects, we follow the ten principles for good design as set down by Dieter Rams: 1. Good design is innovative; 2. Good design makes a product useful; 3. Good design is aesthetic; 4. Good design makes a product understandable; 5. Good design is unobtrusive; 6. Good design is honest; 7. Good design is long lasting; 8. Good design is thorough, down to the last detail; 9. Good design is environmentally friendly; 10. Good design is as little design as possible.


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