We love the work of Italian Illustrator Rosa Cerruto. She is currently working on some artwork to display in our office and for some future projects and will shortly be selling her prints on our online shop. We especially love the cityscape illustrations she does - she has recently been working on a bespoke piece of London just for us! Can you spot our Golborne Road building in the middle??

About Rosa:
I am an Italian illustrator and architect living and working in The Netherlands.
I have graduated as an architect at the IUAV University of Architecture in Venice and got specialised as an illustrator at the International School of Illustration Sàrmede in Italy.
Before starting off as a freelance illustrator I used to work in several architectural offices in both The Netherlands and Italy. As a freelancer I love, enjoy and follow what I really like: creating and drawing in freedom.
My illustrations and cartoons have been featured in several exhibitions in Italy, in The Netherlands and in Belgium.

My work and assignments range from hardcopy and digital magazines, advertisements, editorials, cartoons. From hardcore businesses to children’s books. I combine both various traditional and digital techniques, depending from the message I need to communicate.
I get inspired by small daily life details and from illustrations of Jean-Jacques Sempé Štěpán Zavřel, Saul Steinberg, but also biking through cities, cooking and enjoying a glass of good wine with friends.