Deltalight is a great high end residential and commercial lighting supplier. They offer an incredible array of different types of lighting, beautifully designed for every type of setting. They supply us with a 'Lighting Bible' - a full collection of their products, every new season, and we almost struggle to keep up with the amount of new products they release every year. Their prices fit in the high-end spectrum of the market but the vast choice and the quality of the finish is definitely worth the money.

From their Website:

Deltalight is a global company and we are recognised as being one of the worlds' largest and most prestigious architectural lighting manufactures. We have been operating worldwide since 1992 and in the UK since 1997.
With our architectonic approach to contemporary and innovative lighting creations, Deltalight has quickly established a name for itself in the world market and we have grown to be a trendsetter and market leader. We work with individuals, architects and design professionals alike on projects both large and small.
Deltalight UK has a Head Office in Surrey and a Design Studio in London's bustling Waterloo. The studio offers an interface between the innovation, concepts and momentum between Deltalight and the design community. The studio is a forum to discuss projects and lighting specification; showing products from the Lighting Bible and offering complimentary lighting design and technical assistance, with the capacity to provide lighting calculations and project visualisation.

Deltalight UK has a team of knowledgable lighting specialists that operate throughout the UK.


  1. Thanks a lot for giving information about Deltalight company and its products. As in the pictures the lighting products are really great and looks beautiful.

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