Bio: Elisabeth is a freelance writer and experienced in the field of interior design. She is currently remodelling her home and likes to experiment with lighting.

The Key to Lighting Your Home with Style
Have you ever walked into a room and felt uncomfortable, but you couldn’t discern why? Maybe you literally felt put into the spotlight, because of the brightness in the room. Or perhaps a chill ran down your spine, as you entered a darkened room.
How you illuminate your home can influence the feel and mood of the space around you. Getting the lighting right is very important for your well-being. Just as your furniture arrangement tells something about you, lighting can also reflect your character. So, why not personalise your home further and let your guests sense your personality and style.
Choose below which era or style you think suits you best and get tips on the way you need to illuminate your home!

Victorian style is all about chandeliers and ceiling lanterns. Spread the vibe of the era with antique looking lamps and select them with care. Watch out for the little ornamental details that were popular during this period. Be careful to dim the light a bit to fit the era. Electricity had not yet entered all households and houses were still illuminated by oil lamps and candlelight. If you like romantic candlelight, this is the right style for you!

Gothic is also very much about chandeliers and lanterns. Sweeping, curved scrolls on chandeliers and other Gothic ornaments on lanterns create the eerie feel of the era. Dimming your light for the atmosphere of candlelight will complete the picture. But be careful, if you’ve already gathered dark furniture for your Gothic style home then you don’t need to dim the light as much as you would think, since the dark furniture will already darken the space around you.

The latest technology and futuristic style should be seen in your modern home. Lamps that turn on and off by touching them wherever you want or by clapping your hands add a futuristic touch. Why not try and create modern elegance with silver and chrome lights? Depending on which kind of modern furniture you already have in your home, select glass or wood-effect lamp shades to really bring out your modern side.

Minimalistic style is all about using the smallest space possible. The smaller the lamp or pendant is, the better. A bonus for the Minimalists out there is eco-friendly lamps to save energy. Similar to the modern style, silver and white lamp shades look best in the minimalistic home. LED lights are also a popular space saving solution. Put the spaces you love in the spotlight with table and floor lamps.

Art Deco
Lavish and glamorous are two words that best describe Art Deco. Add some sparkle to your home with crystal-beaded chandeliers and elegant ceiling lights. Aesthetically pleasing curved lamps for your living and bedroom will give your home that Art Deco touch.

1950 Vintage
As the name suggests, any vintage lamps and pendants are perfect for this style. Just as in the 1950’s, your type of lighting should be bright and colourful. Lamps in all shades of colours will fit perfectly with your vintage furniture. Flower patterns on lamp shades and Clara ceiling lights will add to the 1950’s flair.

Found the right style for you? Then check this style guide out for more details!