We tend to design and fit custom joinery on a good number of our projects, budget allowing. As opposed to bought furniture such as wardrobes, shelving units, tv units and cabinets, custom joinery allows us to make the most of every space and to maximise storage in the neatest and most visually appealing way. Well designed joinery not only hides away your clutter in an inconspicuous way, it adds value to your home in terms of usable living space.

Well made joinery will far outlive a free standing wardrobe and it's something that stays with your home if you ever come to sell it. In small London flats especially, the last thing you want to do is buy a bulky Ikea wardrobe that sits uncomfortably in a room and makes it feel small and cluttered. Often when flats are designed without custom joinery and sold empty, people struggle to visualise how these necessary bits of furniture will fit and where. On the other hand, custom joinery eliminates the need for these bits of furniture and the rooms are probably laid out in a way that respects the surrounding space of the fitted furniture.

When we design custom joinery, we take this into account from the very start of the project. Therefore, rooms are designed keeping in mind the amount of space needed around a full height cabinet for access, so we make the room big enough to allow for this.

The advantage of working with your interior designer is that they can help you to design not only the joinery that you require but to make it work with the rest of the house. The fun part is getting to plan the exact layout of your wardrobe, how many shelves you want in your bathroom cabinet, how your tv unit lights up underneath and where to store your unsightly cables and technical bits of gear and what finish everything comes in.

Clients are sometimes taken aback by the cost of custom made everything but if your really start to think about the cost of all the additional furniture needed to keep your house tidy and purely just the functional benefits of having everything built around the layout of your house, the price really makes sense.

Here are some examples of custom fitted furniture we have designed in recent projects: