Young designer Vanessa Anyaeji wrote an article for us about Hinterland Design Company.

For Hinterland Design, uniting the hand with the material and the user with the outside is what forms the focus of their work. Describing themselves as, ‘artists, woodworkers and crafts people’, the designers create pieces that celebrate the salvaged and reinforce the unity between functionality and aesthetics.  Leaning on Modernist temperaments, the founder and lead designer Riley McFerrin, creates pieces that emphasise the material, whilst finding solutions for modern everyday needs - all without eliminating grace and beauty.
The collection has a few pieces that I like to call “stand alones”, designs so arresting; they become works of art in themselves.  The products would be at home in a minimalist space, where every detail serves multi-functional and visual purposes. The idea of doing more with less involves a particular orientation towards imagination and innovation, all of which can be found in this collection.
A few examples of Hinterland Design:


A low energy pendant light is named after the found, ocean washed driftwood scattered across the pacific shoreline.

‘Little Gem’

These salvaged cedar logs are given another lease in life as crystalline shaped side tables.


The dual purpose logs bring nature into an interior. A glass insert allows a living element to a useful surface.

‘Good Side’

Rather tongue in cheek, ‘Good Side’ reveals light through the diagonal slats.


A tripod side table and reading lamp combined in a sophisticated form.