Without a little touch of vintage, modern interiors can seem soulless. And without a modern context, vintage pieces can look too old-fashioned. But when you combine both, interiors get their balance.

Modern vintage works through unexpected pairings: when you choose something vintage, make sure something modern isn’t far away. Using fabrics and textiles in interior can help to balance the contrast between old and contemporary items. Hand-sewn quilts soft rugs and rough linens smooth out hard-edged modern or add a contemporary twist to more traditional abodes.

Give furniture space to breathe
Modern design requires clean surfaces and simple lines. So if you find a vintage piece of furniture, let it stand alone instead of cluttering it with accessories. Striking pieces can become sculptures in themselves.

Source from the high street
Combine vintage pieces with high-street buys. While vintage has lots of advantages, many high-street shops offer retro reproduction pieces that look just right beside their vintage counterparts.

Enjoy the process
None of the great interiors were created over one night. It is a process of looking and finding.

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