Claudio Silvestrin’s Design – I FRAMMENTI tiles  claim to be the smallest mosaic in the world. (5x5x5mm)

The eight colours of the I FRAMMENTI line blend one into another and explore the relation between neutrals through small variations of tone that modulate from white to black.

The grout is a crucial part of the surfaces installed with I FRAMMENTI. The same item paired with different grout lead to surprisingly different surfaces.

About Claudio Silvestrin:

Born in 1954, Claudio Silvestrin was educated in Milan by A.G. Fronzoni and studied at the Architectural Association in London, where he lives and work. Integrity, clarity of purpose and an emphatic attention to detail are the key features of Silvestrin’s architecture: it is austere, but not extreme, contemporary yet timeless, calming but not ascetic, strong but not intimidating, elegant without being ostentatious. Through his architecture, Silvestrin lays the foundations for a new way of thinking and seeing.