Happy Saturday Everyone :) I hope you all have a chance to sleep for a little bit longer today...
Today's post is dedicated to the soft stuff, like cushions, throws and blankets in respect to the weekend.

I have met Jorunn Hustoft at DesignJunction during London Design week, she was presenting her own company called Nnuroj. I was curious to see all those lovely knitted items she was showing. 
The company was launched in the summer of 2012. Jorunn is Norwegian designer, who works from her studio near the seaside in Brighton, UK. She is using a hand-powered domestic knitting machine to manufacture all her produces. Every textural detail is created by hand to achieve the luxurious, high-quality finish. The modernisation of traditional crafts techniques is a central theme within the development of her designs. Inspired by lace making, upholstery and the ways that wool can benefit our living environment, her main concerns during the design process are to create pieces that are unique, durable and sustainable.