We love tiling bathrooms but sometimes tiling a whole bathroom can be expensive and not wholly necessary. Whenever possible, we use tiles cleverly in wet areas, as needed and leave the rest of the room painted. It looks sleek and works especially well in larger bathrooms. However, in some cases, such as smaller bathrooms or wetrooms, this isn't so easy to achieve.

In smaller bathrooms where we don't want to tile everything the same but when we don't want to create stand-out feature walls either, we try to create variety by using smaller tiles (mosaics, subway tiles or linear strip mosaics), or the same tile colour/finish but in a different size.

For example, we might tile everything in 600x600mm tiles but for a section of a wall in linear strip tiles in a matching colour. Or we tile everything in 300x600mm except that we tile the floor in mosaic tiles. The possibilities are endless. It's an easy way to add interest to a design while still keeping it simple and affordable.


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