Lighting can really transform and enhance the mood of the house, as our perception of the space truly depends on it. By installing different light fixtures you can achieve a great "wow" effect as well as personalise your apartment. You will need to consider size, style and design of the room to choose the right lights which would correspond it perfectly.

For some areas you will be required to install safety lights. The good example of such a place is a stairway. It is recommended to have light running all the way from the top to bottom with switches at both ends. Floor lighting effect running to the entire length of the staircase with ambient effect could help to make the staircase both safe and stylish.

Such areas as kitchen, bathrooms and study room will need some sort of task lighting. Task lighting is a direct light which focuses on a small specific area. LED lighting strip or spotlights would work perfect under the kitchen cabinets lighting up a food preparation area, as well as in the bathrooms next to the mirror. Table lamp is an easy and stylish solution to be used in the study rooms. 

Mood lighting can help to create a relaxing atmosphere in a living room, bedroom or bathroom.  In this case, recessed lighting features could do the job. Hidden lighting sources will create magical and inspiring environment. 

When referring to decorative lighting, lamps are coming into a play. With a wide selection on the market there is something for everyone, from traditional chandeliers to rustic table lamps. Wall lights can create an interesting theatrical effect.


  1. Very helpful stuff here. Caught some cool ideas from this post. I especially liked the safety lights along the staircase. Thanks.

  2. Thank you, Chris. Glad you found this article helpful :)