We have met Jalo Helsinki at Maison et Objet in Paris last year. This company came out with interesting and stylish ideas for Smoke Alarms. At the moment, they are working on 10year life battery Smoke Detectors and Fire Blankets with design elements. You can find Jalo products in Aram Store in London. 

From Their Press Release:


The Finnish smoke alarms Kupu and Lento bring safety and beauty into homes. This usually difficult and unaesthetic safety device has now been designed into an easy to use decorative article. From this unique idea Jalo Helsinki was established in 2009.
The core of Finnish design is crystallised in Jalo Helsinki. The idea is not only to create an impressive exterior but to enhance the relationship of man and the product. Internationally acknowledged top designers Harri Koskinen and Paola Suhonen’s new and brave way of seeing utility articles comes true in the smoke alarms of Jalo Helsinki.

Elegance meets playfulness: Kupu by Harri Koskinen and Lento by Paola Suhonen
The clear lined and elegant Kupu was noticed in the early stages when it got the Red Dot Design Award 2011. The following year Kupu won the 2012 Wallpaper* Design Award  and was selected as the Decor Item of the Year in a Finnish Muoto2012 competition.  It’s external casing has multiple different coatings: five colourful textile options and a modern chrome coloured metal surface. Due to its many different looks and character Kupu easily merges into the interior and yet stands out as a drop of colour in the room.
Paola Suhonen is well-known as the founder of fashion house Ivana Helsinki whose collections have been shown on the runways of New York Fashion Week and  the Paris Fashion Week. Fashion designers open-minded and adventures character really shows in Lento. It is wild and colourful butterfly, a moth, that stays on the watch when everybody else is sleeping. Because of its fun and playful look, it fits perfectly to nursery or to your first own home. Lento is stylish with a twist of rock attitude.

Safety can be beautiful and easy
We at Jalo Helsinki believe that when an object is a beautiful part of its surrounding, and is practical as well as easy to use people pay more attention to it, take better care of it and therefore increase the safety of their home. That is why we have especially paid attention to usability along with design and safety of Jalo Helsinki smoke alarms. Installation of Kupu and Lento is extremely easy as it only takes few seconds with the 3M-sticker – no power drill or screws needed. Also there are no tiny test buttons, but the whole external casing acts as a press switch for silencing false alarms and testing the performance of the product. Both Kupu and Lento are CE-certified.

Now it is easier than ever to give beauty and safety to the ones you love and care about.
Kupu and Lento are perfect presents for Birthdays, Family Christmases and sales promotions. 

For further information, please check their website