Kubikoff is a young furniture company, but with a fast growing popularity in the field. The company follows traditions of the original philosophy of Aleksander Kubikov, designer and architect, to whom the company owes its name.

From Their Website:

The story of the company's creation deserves to be told.

The founders are two brothers: Matteo and Gino Lemson, Dutch by birth, ever fascinated by the history of furniture, and always searching for samples of antiques, vintage items, designs and manuscripts.They then discovered that the manuscript contained designs and notes, in German, taken by one of the students of the Russian furniture designer, Aleksander Kubikov, who lived in Moscow at the beginning of the 20th century.
Any form of innovation was, in fact, persecuted in the young Bolshevik state. Those notes represented the only proof that the Kubikov had succeed in founding his own workshop, and train a few students.We choose to believe that one of them was able to leave the country, before meeting the same end as his teacher.
So, it seems that, thanks to this student, the manuscript, containing the teachings Kubikovs imparted upon his students, integrated with calculations, designs and graphical images, travelled out of Russia.
When, in 2004, Gino and Matthieu moved to Italy to found “Kubikoff Srl”, in the confusion of the move, some boxes, containing devices and documents, were lost. Among these documents was the folder with the precious manuscript, which the Lemson brothers hope can be returned to them someday.