UASHMAMA is an  Italian family-run company, which produces bags, baskets and aprons made from washable paper material - the materials has an unusual, rustic quality which feels like leather.

From Their Website:
The story behind the name, UASHMAMA, is that the family wished to dedicate something to the beloved mother and the name UASHMAMA should lead your thoughts to a mother washing clothes for her children. In many ways UASHMAMA reflects the Italian family: it is modest and one of a kind like each of the four sisters, elegant like the mother and very creative, innovative and functional like the father - the man with all the ideas.
All UASHMAMA products are designed and made in Lucca, Toscana in Italy. The paper is made using a virgin fibre from cultivation and NOT through deforestation! The manufacturing process is similar to leather where each individual sheet of paper is stretched and tanned making it durable to withstand daily use and to be washed over and over again.
In other words the products are a perfect example of sustainability and are wonderful as bread- and fruit baskets, flowerpot holders and/or for storage of all kinds things.