Ellie Curtis is an artist who works with different forms of printmaking and illustration. She is mainly working with silkscreen print, drawing up design for fabrics which then are being screen printed at her Hackney print studio "East London Printmakers". Ellie mainly prints her designs to sell as furnishing fabrics by the metre. 

Ms Curtis is getting inspired by animal kingdom. As she is saying she often considers human qualities in animals or draws people but in an animal form.

Ellie about herself and inspiration:

I went to university at Camberwell College of Art and Design and I although I did a Graphic Design degree, I got fascinated in printed textiles while looking around Peckham and Brixton markets at Nigerian prints. They cheered me up so much. I loved the fact the designs celebrated random things like toothbrushes and chickens. I get inspired by trips to anthropological museums, music, the people I meet, early medieval paintings at The National Gallery, astronaut's blogs, Toile de Jouy textiles, nature programmes, zoos and dog's facial expressions when outside shops. I'm also an illustrator and I write stories. I sometimes bring these into my textiles too. 

For more information visit Ellie Curtis Website :)