LED lights are fast becoming a household staple - energy saving and versatile, they are an excellent way to replace your existing recessed lights, spotlights, strip lights and so on. However, some people still have concerns over the colour of the LED light, believing it to be too cold in comparison to standard Edison bulbs (the classic light bulb).

The LED market has definitely taken this into consideration and has answered people's concerns with a number of LED light 'bulbs' to choose from. These lights take the classic for of the Edison bulb but the 'filament' inside is formed of LEDs. There are a number of different solutions to this, from frosted glass that disguises the LED lights inside the bulb to tiny LEDs that mimic the appearance of a filament bulb.

Although LED bulbs are generally still much more expensive than regular bulbs (potentially beyond the energy saving effects of a single light bulb), they offer an environmentally friendly and well-designed solution to the 'light bulb replacement' issue.

Price ranges for LED light bulbs on the market range from £10 - £50, depending on the appearance, the colour, the shape and the brightness of the LED.

Here are some of our favourites:

Philips CorePro 10W LED Bulb: A simple bulb with a frosted cover disguises the fact that this bulb is not a standard incandescent bulb. At 10W this is quite a bright bulb, which should aid the fact that it is 3000K (a slightly cooler colour but still a popular choice for residential interiors).

Megaman 7W Clear Golf Ball:  Megaman are the pioneers in the LED industry and have produced this simple bulb, with a clear cover, that is suitable for dimming. At 7W this is also quite a bright bulb too and the colour is just as warm as a standard bulb, 2800K.

Calex 2.5W Pearl Rustic Bulb:  More of a decorative bulb than a main-lighting bulb, this great-looking product from Calex is designed to look like a filament bulb (image below). However, it would only be suitable for atmospheric interior lighting as it only produces 280 lumens.

Calex 1.4W Pearl Bulb: As above, this bulb is more of a decorative bulb and is designed to look like a filament bulb. However, it would only be suitable for atmospheric interior lighting as it only produces 90 lumens. You can see in the image below that the light is not extremely bright - but it does create a nice effect for only 1.4W!

Panasonic LED Light Bulb: I have yet to see some precise technical data on this 4.4W bulb and I haven't seen this available on the market yet. The article (linked) was written two years ago so it has been a long time in development. Out of all the bulbs featured, I believe this one would be able to produce the most 'realistic' effect of mimicking a traditional bulb so I'm hopeful that this will appear on the high street asap!

There is also a great range of bulbs available from LYCO.