How amazing it would be to live in something as enormous as a cathedral. Tall, beautiful glass windows allow endless rays of light to enter. And every church can tell its own story. But if you are planning to buy and live in a church, you will need to consider some potential issues before making the investment.

Renovation costs of turning a church into a comfortable home may vary depending on the age and condition of the church and amenities included. Some of the churches might already have kitchens and bathrooms, where some older churches will need a total upgrade.Adding a kitchen and a bathroom will add a lot to the renovation costs.

If considering to renovate a church, think about energy efficiency. It could be very costly to heat a stone building during the winter. In addition, high ceiling will collect heat too, which will require installation of ceiling fans to push that heat downward.

Also take into a consideration restrictions on changes which might occur. A lot of churches are included in National Register of Historic Places, which means you will need to request a building permission to make any changes.

Although costs of renovating a church could be a bit sharp, many people think that living in such a unique place is worth of spending a little bit extra.