Natascha Harra-Frischkorn is a young product designer from Germany, who just recently opened her own company called Hafriko.
But what made her truly popular is her design of a flexible shelf. She said she developed this idea during her Masters Degree in Germany. Since then she received such a great response from different blogs and magazines from around the world that she decided to keep developing the product. She is happy to announce that flexible shelf is now finished, ready and available for customers.

From her website:

Since I first published my project Chuck on Behance a lot of things have happened. I got such a great response from all over the world about this design. Thanks to the great Behance community for that! Couldn´t have done it without you. Cause of the great feedback and interest I decided to work hard and get the prototype Chuck ready for the market. Several month of hard work, excessive prototype testing, endless manufacture selection I finally have come to the point where I can ensure that chuck is meeting my high product expectations.I am proud to say that chuck is gonna be 100% made in Germany with the best local suppliers available.I gonna personally check and preassemble every shelf before it goes out to the customers to ensure everything is perfect! There are two different versions of Chuck available, one with the natural wood and a version with oiled wood (to give the wood more protection and a different colour). I just opened a webshop, so feel free to stop by.

All Photography credit go to credit the Photographer: Leopold Fiala