A lot of people are working from home nowadays or even if they do not, they still spend quite a lot of hours in front of the computer - checking emails, doing shopping and socialising. Almost all of us are in need of such a space at home, where we could feel comfortable doing all those things. Slouching on the sofa with your ipad or crouching over the laptop on the coffee table could cause aches and pains. Furthermore, researches showed that when our body is in cramped position then our brain would not work as efficient as it could.
If you do not have such a luxury as a separate office room, you would then need to think carefully about organising a workspace area somewhere in the flat, would it be living room or bedroom. There is a huge choice of modern desks, different shapes, forms and sizes. And you feel a bit lost and not sure which desk would be perfect for your house, you can also get an advice from Interior Designer, who could suggest on style and work with allowed budget. 
Contemporary home desk in oak