Kitchen is what brings the value into the house. Kitchen is where you catch up for an informal chat with your family. Kitchen is the heart of the house and this is why it is so important to design it right. A skilled interior designer can navigate you through all available design option and help to choose those which will work perfectly for your kitchen. 

Here are some tips we would like to share with you on how to plan your kitchen:

- Think of which appliances you will need to fit in, as they will take a lot of storage space
- Integrate built-in appliances
- Think of essential storage units you might require, e.g. drawers, wall units, bottle storage
- Incorporate more storage where possible, e.g. full height cabinets, wall units
- Use corner units with pull out system which making the storage more accessible
- Incorporate a lot of light, both natural and artificial. Light work surface by using hidden LED-strip or spot lights
- There is no such a thing as to much work surface space. Maximise your worktops with long uninterrupted lines where possible
- It is best to locate both your dishwasher and bin near your sink for easy loading and rubbish disposal
- Ensure you have enough space for two people to pass if necessary

There are a lot of other factors apart from those listed above which need to be considered during the kitchen planning. Interior designer would be able to produce a design which will optimise the given space, proposing several design options to meet your needs and preferences.