Adding a bit of colour to your house can bring it to life, defining different atmospheres for different zones. Every colour, except grey, has a positive or negative psychological quality. Using colours you like in your house interior can help you to express yourself and show your personality. However, statistics shows that 75 per cent of people in UK choose to design their house so that other people would love it, rather than expressing their own personality. 56 per cent of people are choosing neutral and unadventurous house ware. A lot of people are worried to get it wrong by choosing colours they love.

The Meaning of Colours:

Orange can expand your thinking. It makes us more happy and more self-confident. Use orange colour for a feature wall in a nursery or for some small details in the office.

Dark Blue encourages efficiency. Deep blue is good for thinking, it helps to purify your brain and separate important thoughts from less important ones. It is advisable to wear dark blue colours when some sort of decision needs to be done. Dark blue desk lamp could be interesting...

Green boosts well-being. Green associates with nature and life. It represents a new beginning and growth. It could encourage you to expand your talents. Try green desk chair or a flower vase.

Light Purple is called a spiritual colour. This colour deepens sense of humanity and good for places gathering with friends and family. Yoga mat or bed throw would be perfect in this colour.

Red energies you. It promotes courage and fearlessness. Note that too much red can make you feel overly excited or agitated. Get a red coffee mug, picture frame or coffee table book.

Yellow increases our focus. This colour can help to stimulate conversation and clarify thoughts. Use yellow for office stationary.

Examples of using colour in Interior Design: