An American foam manufacturer has shared with us a wonderful article about patio furniture. All our readers from America, keep those guys in mind then designing your Patio soft furnishings ;)

As wonderful as it is to relax outside on your porch or patio on a warm summer day, the hassle of dealing with outdoor furniture can outweigh the benefits for many people. Outdoor seating is typically made in a way that helps it resist the elements – this is great for durability, but not so much for comfort.

While rough and rigid outdoor furniture can be made comfortable with foam cushioning, traditional seating cushions aren’t made to withstand the elements. This means bringing unwieldy cushions in and out every time you want to relax, and the presence of mind to never forget to bring them in, lest a rainstorm soak them.

Fortunately, for those of us who enjoy relaxing outside without turning the process into a checklist-style chore, special foam is made that is engineered for outdoor environments!

For patio furniture, marine seating and other applications where moisture is present, fast-drying foam is the perfect solution. Strong, yet comfortable like traditional cushions, fast-dry foam contains a unique, extra-large cell structure that allows water to drain and air to pass, to dry a damp cushion in no time. Unlike conventional foam that works like a sponge, fast-drying foam does not retain moisture, and is even formulated with antimicrobial compounds to inhibit the growth of any mold, mildew, and bacteria should a situation arise where the material is not able to dry as quickly as normal.

Often times, a unique problem requires a unique solution. In the case of outdoor patio comfort, dry-fast foam is just that.

Article submitted by The Foam Factory, an online source for cushion foam, perfect for enjoying your home in comfort, be it on the couch or in the backyard!