I have been contacted by Tradescant & Son recently and I thought they deserve to be mentioned in our blog :). I love their nature inspired prints...
From their Website:
Tradescant & Son is the new textiles label from design studio Natural History. This collection is aimed at interior designers and design studios, and features a range of inspired and unusual designs, building on the quirky designs for which Natural History is known. All of the designs are hand-drawn by our talented in-house team.
We use a luxurious and versatile linen blend (90% linen, 10% nylon) to ensure a natural feel and elegant drape, and the printing is carried out by the foremost textiles printer in the United Kingdom. 
Natural History’s prestigious clients include Harvey Nichols, Fortnum & Mason and Liberty, and we pride ourselves on being able to provide an easy and efficient order process.
The inspiration behind the name is John Tradescant, the seventeenth century English gardener and collector who worked for the political luminary Robert Cecil before creating a garden for George Villiers, Duke of Buckingham and eventually rising to work directly for Charles I and Queen Henrietta Maria. He finally moved to his own home in Lambeth, which became known as The Ark, and was Europe’s first public museum. It  housed and displayed his astonishing collections of plants, taxidermy, rarities and curiosities, which were catalogued in the Musaeum Tradescantium with the aid of Elias Ashmole, who was eventually, and controversially, to take possession of the collection and move it to his own eponymous museum at Oxford, after the  death of Tradescant’s only son.
Tradescant and his son travelled all over the world in their search for the most beautiful and rare specimens  with which to enhance the most spectacular gardens of England, and our design team draws inspiration from  them, looking to an even wider range of sources from antique encyclopaediae of natural history to original drawings of exotic birds and atmospheric skulls. Each design has been meticulously researched and laboured  over to create a collection of intricate and rich patterns with an elegant and muted palette, punctuated with occasional bursts of thrilling colour.