Flos is a company, which designs light. When I say light it is not just lamps and lighting fittings, but it is completely something beyond this. I liked their Soft Architecture collection, which explores the concept of fluid forms and transforms simple lighting fixtures into great features. Of course this collection works better for the commercial sector, but since we have been involved in some office design projects I thought it might be quite  interesting.

A Natural Fusion of Substance and Energy, between Light and Architecture.

Loving light and architecture, melting them in the most creative solutions, looking for the most advanced, lighting and technical aims and fully respecting the environment: Flos Soft-Architecture is the new philosophy to live poetically the fusion of substance and energy. Respecting nature and its balance understanding its value and being inspired by its perfection: Flos Soft-Architecture is the result of an in-depth lighting and technical research on the use of eco-friendly materials (certification Cradle to Cradle) with a low impact on the environment. Flos Soft-Architecture is a perfect fusion of substance and energy and benefits of the most advanced energy saving sources (led, Remote Phosphor led, Power led, cold cathode, compact fluorescent, halogens, IRC/ES) in order to grant a perfect integration of light, architecture and nature.