When in Milan, it's great to explore new designer's especially ones from Europe or elsewhere abroad that we don't often get the occasion to see or find out about. At the same time, however, it's nice to see British brands representing in Milan!

We love the classic British company Ercol - although founded by a young Italian designer, the company is based in High Wycombe (North West London) and their furniture has become quintessentially 'British' - a household name in British design. 

There is a quality about Ercol furniture that spans both decades and countries in style - some pieces look like they were designed for a 1950's British home wheras others have a Scandinavian modern look about them, with others being traditionally British. Ercol manages to combine and blend qualities which we all love and appreciate in classic furniture design to create timeless and iconic pieces of furniture.

One of the most iconic pieces is the 'classics loveseat' with the shaped elm seat and classic Windsor heritage slatted back. The pieces in the new range include modern twists, with upholstered seat covers and even a new ombre effect spray effect.

The classic nature of these carefully crafted designs and their homage to traditional British furniture designs is what has elevated ercol to a Great British Icon.

From their Brochure:
Ercol furniture was founded in 1920 by Lucian Ercolani, a young Italian furniture designer, in High Wycombe north west of London. We remain privately owned and managed by the same family with expert professional management.

We employ 160 people in designing and manufacturing furniture of the highest quality in our 16,000 square metre factory, purpose built for us in 2002. We work principally in solid wood, elm oak, ash, walnut and beech.

Our team of designers create original designs for ercol and with our craftsmen and women produce our range of cabinet furniture and upholstery.

We are showing pieces from our 'Originals' range designed by Lucian Ercolani in the 1950's and 60's but now still as new and classic as they were when first made. Lucian took his inspiration for these pieces from the Windsor chairs made for many hundreds of years around his home and factory in Buckinghamshire.

Our new ranges Romana and Svelto include large dining table,s cabinets, occasional pieces and a new sofa. It is furniture made in solid oak and walnut with clean and simple lines that are beautifully crafted. The tables, cabinets and occasional pieces are designed by the ercol Design studio, the sofa by Ian Archer.

The Trevisio Desk in solid American black walnut is designed for ercol by Mathew Hilton. The Holland Park chair in beech was designed for ercol by Russell Pinch.

Fabrics are by Timorous Beasties and Romo.

Ercol is creating furniture that is fit for purpose, of good quality and good design built for the future.