Being good at your profession does not only depend on your education and talent. A combination of your talent, education and, very important, personality will bring success. 
Interior designers magically transform old houses into new stylish accommodations. Interior design requires a lot of multitasking and problem-solving, as well dealing directly with the clients and leading the project to the competition. A successful interior designer will require certain personality traits to drive overall success. It is said that a great interior designer is born, not made.
If you are thinking to start a career in Interior Design, check out this list of personality characteristics for interior designers to see if you could be a happy and successful in this field.

Being not colour blind.
First of all, if you want to be an Interior Designer make sure you have a good eye for colours. If you can see the difference between black, blueish-black and dark grey then this is definitely a tick. It is a great benefit for interior designer to be able to see a colour's undertones.

Creative mind.
Obviously, any designer has to be creative. Interior designers must have the creativity to establish a planned design that meets the safety and resource restrictions while introducing new proposals in design.

Feeling of scale, proportion, perspective and balance.
Some people are just naturally talented in understanding spaces and visualising new designs. Others can gain this skill through education and practise. But there is also third type of people who, by some reason, cannot understand proportions and scale regardless how hard they study and practise. If you feel that you might belong to the third group, then, I afraid, interior design is not the right choice of profession.

Great in multi-tasking.
An interior designer can sometimes feel like he is also an contractor, project manager, accountant, personal consultant and even a marriage counsellor, all at the same time. You will need to be able to work on several projects at the same day, keeping in mind all your clients, their projects and all related problems and solutions. If you feel like you cannot be bothered to play a role of psychologist as an addition to your designer duties, may be the role of interior designer is not just for you. Some people are naturally more methodical an do not multitask well. I heard, that hose people usually make great architects. 
Obsession with organisation.
When dealing with different clients, suppliers, contractors it is very important to be organised. Keeping track of all projects and their deadlines will require a person with good organisation skills. Calendars, diaries, excel spreadsheets...Sounds like you? Welcome to the team! :)

Being a leader.
After design stage of the project, the interior designer needs to transform into a project manager. Project manager should be someone with leadership skills, who can lead the team of contractors, sub-contractors, suppliers and the client through the whole process. However, a lot of designers are not natural born leaders, and then there are two options for them: adapt and become a leader or choose a supportive role for other designers.

People person.
Even though a lot of creative people like to spend large amount of time alone, interior designers should like being within people, as their job involves a lot of interaction. Interior designers should also be good in marketing, as selling yourself and your services is very important.
If you are planning to become an interior designer, then it is worth to study those traits carefully. Try to study yourself better and hopefully this will help you to make the decision of your life. Your chosen career will take a big part of your life, so it is important that you feel happy and comfortable about it.