If you’ve heard anything about Feng Shui before, you’ll know how important it is to create good energy in your home.  This is especially true when it comes to your bedroom, as it is one of the rooms in your home where you will spend a lot of time.  If you’ve been wondering how to create a great Feng Shui bedroom design, keep reading.  We aim to give you three simple steps that you can implement straight away.

Step 1: Create a Good Energy Foundation
Creating a good energy foundation relates to establishing the basic rules of your room, so that you can add extra features where you see fit.  There are three main rules to a good energy foundation:
- Clean air
Natural light
- No clutter

You may also want to consider not having any electrical equipment in your room.  This is because gadgets and devices like mobile phones and TVs create high electromagnetic fields which can harm your good energy.  Letting in natural light, keeping the room free of clutter, and encouraging natural air flow will all provide a good foundation from which to build upon.

Step 2: Place Your Bed in a Commanding Position
You want to place your bed in its rightful commanding position.  It should face one of your lucky Feng Shui directions, and should also be easily accessible from both sides.  You should avoid placing a mirror opposite your bed, or having any sharp angles facing you when you sleep.  Once you have your bed in place, you can place your other items of furniture accordingly.  It is fine to move them around from time to time, just keep your Feng Shui directions in mind to encourage energy to flow harmoniously.

Step 3: Make Good Use of Colours and Décor
Finally, it’s important to make good use of colours and décor in order to create a harmonious space that will nourish and heal you.  You want to create a serene feel to your bedroom, so only include items that you want to be surrounded with.

Feng Shui colour guidelines dictate that neutral colours are best for the bedroom as are earthy colour tones like chocolate and sand.  You can also add sensual romantic colours like magenta and red if you want to add a sense of modernity to your design.

Your bedroom should also be a comfortable place, so opt to use comfy bedding like that from Threel.co.uk, have dimmer switches installed for a softer lighting scheme, and install art that makes you feel happy and inspired.

Your bedroom is an outward expression of yourself, so it’s time to turn it into a place that you enjoy spending time in.  The following Feng Shui tips will help improve your energy, whether you sleep alone or with a loved one.  Keep them in mind when you next redecorate, and you are guaranteed to feel a lot better after the first night in your new room.

Good luck creating your harmonious Feng Shui bedroom!