One of the biggest accomplishments anyone can make is purchasing their own house. So if your friend or a family member has recently moved into a brand new space they can call their own, it's definitely time to celebrate by bringing them a housewarming gift that they can use and that will make them feel like their new home is truly their own.

However, if you find yourself getting ready to celebrate this momentous occasion but you're stumped for unique housewarming gifts that anyone will love, check out the list below for some helpful tips.

A Gift Basket
A gift basket with a specific theme is a great way to give your friend a special gift that actually consists of multiple gifts in one. Plus, you can make the gift basket yourself by putting it together yourself and including items that you have spent a bit of time thinking about. Whether you go with a set of handy tools that your friend will need around the house, some kitchen supplies that they'll love, a dinner or dessert gift basket, or any other theme, the key is proving that you really put some thought into your gift rather than purchasing a generic one at a store.

A Menu Organiser
A simple yet surprisingly useful housewarming gift that a lot of people do not think of is a handy menu organiser that can be used to quickly find menus for local restaurants and takeout. Many people realise that, when they move to a new neighbourhood, they need to get to know a lot of the local eateries, and this menu organiser will make it easy for any foodie to check out the local scene and keep track of the best options available.

Gardening Gifts
Whether you purchase fruit trees or herb crates, you can make someone who loves gardening and who has a new garden space to use as much as they want, very happy with gardening gifts from sites like These could be the perfect housewarming gifts because they are truly unique and many people don't think of the outdoors when they purchase housewarming gifts for their friends. So if your friend has a green thumb, definitely consider getting them a gardening gift they'll love to put to use as soon as the weather permits.

Soy Candles
Fragrant candles that provide a warm and inviting atmosphere with a delicious fragrance are always a hit, especially at housewarming parties because your friend can light them right away and start enjoying them on the spot. Choose soy candles that are safer, and opt for a candle that has been crafted in a lovely holder that can serve as a decorative element that your friend can keep on display proudly.

Hopefully these tips will help you generate some great ideas for the next housewarming event that you will attend. Remember that personalised gifts are the most unique, so look for ways to give a gift that will also serve as a reflection of the bond you share with your friend.