Sometimes you can be tired of affordable and popular market lighting. But you don't have to spend little fortune to have modern and eye-catching lighting. It's all about good and patient sourcing. Let me do that for you!


Old School Electric

"Old School Electric lighting, designed and manufactured by Holloways of Ludlow, is a range of quality lighting based on the simple industrial designs of the early twentieth century."

Diamond Filament Pendant - Stout £74.20

Diamond Filament Pendant - Slim £55.00

 Diamond Filament Pendant - Slim £55.00

Kikke and Hebbe

"At Studio Kikke & Hebbe we design and create interior products from concrete. All products are handmade with a lot of passion!"

Concrete Ceiling Lamp £70

157+173 designers

"157+173 designers is a product design and architecture studio, settled in Thessaloniki, Greece, since 2009. The studio aims to experiment with a variety of forms, materials and construction solutions."

2D Ceiling Bird Lamp £70

S&L Concrete Ceiling Lamp Small £80

S&L Wooden Ceiling Lamp Small £70


"We are the creators of the world’s first designer low energy light bulbs. We have taken a familiar, existing design and transformed it. The energy efficient light bulb is now a desirable object to show and enjoy. Launched in 2010, the Plumen family has expanded to include two designs of energy efficient light bulb and five colours of Drop Cap Pendant Sets."

Kayan £83.30

Drop Top Lamp Shade Set (Metallic Drop Cap) £91.60


"At Innermost, products are born out of experimentation with different materials and trying out different manufacturing techniques, as well as always having the user in mind and striving to offer them something different, that is both thought-provoking and of superior quality."

Cork Slim £62.00

Kapow! £52.00