We’ve put together a collection of designer furniture items taken from LOVEThESIGN.com for you to enjoy, that have been made in the twenty-first century, but retain many mid-century design features.

Cole -Tria Table (Charcoal) £1,025.00

“Cole integrates the Tria collection with a Tria table. The base, with 4 triangular legs in solid oak and a square top with rounded cornerstop, hosts the sinuous bodies of Tria chairs”.

Coedition - Za1 Brera £1,669.00

Ok Design - Centro Stool £228.00 & Acapulco Lounge Chair (Light Blue) £416.00

Both the Acapulco Lounge chair and the Centro Stool are hard wearing and versatile. They can be used indoors and outdoors, and the stool can also be used as a side-table or a footstool.

The chair design takes its influence from the original Acapulco Chair® from the 1950’s, which was named after the Mexican resort Acapulco famed for being a refuge for the Hollywood stars including Elizabeth Taylor and Elvis Presley.

Alma Design – X2 Big Armchair £1,647.00

Ex.t – Collage Vanity Unit £1,153.00

Clean lines and versatile, this vanity unit can be used anywhere in the home, from the bathroom to the lounge or bedroom. The Collage Vanity Unit was also a winner of “What is missing?”, an international design contest promoted by Ex.t.

Cole –Tria Table (Octagonal Top) £1,644.00

AL2 – Vintme Chair £684.00

The clean lines of the Vimme collection are put on show beautifully with the AL2 chair. The legs are a great take on the mid-century hairpin table and chair legs that were invented by Henry P. Glass in 1941.

Innovation – Fiftynine Coz Dark Wood Chair-Bed £286.00; Bonaldo – Joe Linen/Cotton Double Bed (Blue) £1,673.00; Universopositivo - Disc Stool £88.00; Twentytree – Matrioshka Set £2,719

“Fiftynine is a Scandinavian variation to Splitback. Inspired by the Fifties/Sixties, it features a rounded shape, coloured buttons and wooden feet. It belongs to the Midcentury Modern collection, inspired by the splendid design era stretching from mid-1950s to the late 1960s”.